5 World's cheapest cities for budget travelers in 2016

For quite a while Thailand was the most loved goal for voyagers with restricted spending plans, yet right now, the neighboring nation of Laos got more consideration. Laos is less expensive than Thailand, as you can discover little inns not exactly $ 10 every night, and you will discover neighborhood dinners at a cost of 1 or $ 2.

Explorers to Europe are experiencing the high cost, yet in , the story is distinctive, even in the capital Budapest, it can spend a week at not exactly $ 100 if your financial plan is overseen well.


Vietnam to have a natural scene is really stunning. People can find cheap hotel rooms at a cost of $ 10 per night. The transport, drinks and food are all very cheap, and people can travel around the country, the same cost of Cambodia and Laos.

Estonia is considered the bridge between Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, and this is what gives people a wonderful mix of both worlds. It is roughly the size of Denmark, but is home to about 1.5 million people.

While the Philippines is not as cheap as Laos and Thailand, but it is still much cheaper than the famous places in the West.

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